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FT Computer Solutions provides internet related consulting services, online application packages, abd web solutions. We can help to architect, design, and build a Web-based online application. We can also help you to setup, configure, migrate, and operate your own hosting server.

For your business needs, we can customize our application packages. We can deliver a total solution to support your business quickly.

Contact us to get your problem solved.


Web Service Application Packages
MassEmailer Send mass HTML emails in a batch process for an advertisement purpose. PHP, HTML
User Management Manage web user accounts include signup, login, logout processing. PHP, MySQL, HTML
ShoppingCart Manage customer shopping cart, add, remove, list, and checkout shopping items with Paypal integration HTML, CSS, PHP,MySQL, Paypal
Real Estate Manage a real estate services, include upload housing information, list, search functions HTML, CSS, PHP,MySQL
Company News
Jan. 8, 2011
We start a consulting service at Qubit Technologies.
Oct. 12, 2010
Provide an online order solution for No.1 Plus Chinese Restaurant.

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